Kohala zip line in Big Island


Are you familiar with the Ziplining? Every adventure lover is familiar with it, but for ease, ziplining is an outdoor activity that takes you above the lush green forests and with the help of a zip line you cross it. The zip lines are about 20 to 30 miles above the forest or jungle and you have to explore the area through this zip line. It sounds interesting, and every year, millions of youngsters went out to Hawaii for this zip line activity. Among all, Kohala zip line on Big Island is the best one because it gives you different options for exploring nature. You will be able to see some scenic value when you go for this tour.

The fun of having a Kohala zip line in Big Island

There are various companies in Big Island offering the zip line tours. You can be the part of this canopy experience just through a single click. Going above the ground on a zip line, crossing bridges and tree platforms are a part of zip line tours.

1. Kohala zip line tour

This zip line tour includes a lot of things as it is available at the north tip of the Big Island. You have to take nine zip lines and five bridges in this activity. Everything is done at a private property, and you can enjoy being in safe hands. You are going to spend 3-4 hours on this fascinating tour and can see Hawaii from a different angle.

2. Hilo zip line tour

Hilo has many locations for zip line tour, and you can choose among them. The tour also has 9 zip line spread over 2 miles for your fun. You even walk on various bridges to reach your destination point. In your way, you will love to see the 14 mesmerizing waterfall spots. Besides, the private places of Hilo and valley are also worth seeing on your way.

This is all about Kohala zip line on Big Island. It’s the only chance of exploring your fears from a height. If you want some security team for your Kohala zip line in Big Island, contact us as we know the value of your safety. 

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