Makalawena Beach


Destination wedding at ​Makalawena Beach in Hawaii

Looking for a perfect wedding location in Hawaii that makes your wedding unforgettable? There is only one location in this world which is capable of it called Hawaii or Big Island. Even small weddings held in Hawaii become more powerful and exciting because of beauty everywhere. The couples who want to have a beach wedding can go for it as Hawaii is a land of beaches. From, the entire best beach in Hawaii, right here is an excellent beach best for a wedding.

Beach wedding location Big Island Makalawena Beach

Makalawena Beach is known as the hidden gem of Hawaii. It's a mysterious beauty which is much more beautiful than another beach. Only fewer people are lucky enough to experience the charm of this beach. It's a beautiful land of clusters of idyllic coves that cannot be reached through vehicles. This beach makes you work, and you can only enter this beach after having 20-30 minutes’ walk. Those who have enough strength to pay the cost can experience the charming beauty and others miss it. Reaching there with your loved one is an adventure itself and then having a wedding ceremony over here is more twisting.

Why is it called Paradise?

People who reach Makalawena Beach call it a paradise because the powered white sand makes you feel like cotton under your feet. Once you arrive here, you will think that this place is worthy enough to walk. The tranquil azure water, lava rock outcrops, dunes, freshwater pools, and unsurpassed serenity make it the most beautiful beach on this planet. Your wedding ceremony cannot be held in a better place than Makalawena Beach. You will see the wonders of nature in this place very carefully and the moments here are worth capturing and filming. This beach is heaven that only a few people can see.

Whatever is holding your back for arriving Makalawena Beach just let it go. Take everything with you and your loved ones to celebrate this special event. Experience the most romantic and touching wedding that can fill your heart with love and joy. 

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