The Falls at Reed's Island-Hawaii

March 30, 2019

Is Hawaii your dream wedding venue? If so don't compromise with your dream and pack your bag for Hawaii because you will never get any second chance of getting married. Hawaii is full of beauty, and it can also add glamour to your wedding too. The intimate wedding venues at Big Island of Hawaii are not available at any part of the world. Don't think about the location because there is a wedding venue that is ready to lighten up your wedding with the love and fragrance of Hawaii.

The Falls at Reed's Island - intimate destination wedding venue at Big Island of Hawaii

This hotel is located at Kaiulani St Hilo, Reed's Island. It has the most beautiful waterfalls having the perfect glimpse of a memorable intimate wedding. Couples that wish to marry in front of waterfalls, rainforest and river will love this spot as it is matchless. People usually call this location a magical place because it is very different from all other spots in Hawaii. Everything is natural and beautiful here.

What Are They Offering?

This wedding venue is not that huge to occupy a lot of people. It is appropriate for small weddings of 20 to 30 peoples. So, those who are interested in a natural and candid marriage can never have a better option than this hotel. The bird's chirp, the rainfall, the soothing effect of waterfalls and green trees everywhere make you love the moments. The love between the two gets higher with beauty all around. Couples will feel heels to head not only for the place but also for one another because of the natural surroundings.


As The Falls at Reed's Island - Intimate destination wedding venue has a limited services package, they are offering only some essential amenities like:

  • They can accommodate your guests in their rooms.
  • They do not have any fees regarding the wedding venue being held on the property.
  • They can only accommodate you only for four nights.
  • A simple wedding in which the hotel will provide some chairs, table covers and linen to be used for the guests.

Though this wedding venue is simple, but the location is spell bounding. It is the best place for committing with your love in front of nature. 

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